Part no. 식별법 / MA / MS / NAS SPEC
Insert Selection (Coil 길이 선정) for Metric, UNC& UNF
Insert Demension (Coil 치수) for Metric,UNC& UNF
Locking torque for Metric, UNC & UNF
Insert Material & its temperature range
Corrossion Protection
MS/NAS Standards NASM Standards Standards Coverage
            AS7245             unchanged      Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil,
     Corrosion Resistant Steel
            MIL-I-8846             NASM8846      Inserts, Screw Thread, Helical Coil -
     Procurement Spec
            MIL-L-46010             unchanged      Dry Film Lubricant (Type I) - Optional
            MIL-T-21309             unchanged      Tools for Inserting and Extracting Helical
     Coil Inserts
            MS122076 series             NASM122076 series      Insert, Corrosion Resistant Helical
     Coarse Thread
            MS124651 series            NASM124651 series      Insert, Corrosion Resistant Helical Fine
            MS21208*              superceded
            (see * below)
     Insert-Screw Thread Free Running
     (Superceded by NASM122076 and
     NASM124651 series)
            MS21209             NASM21209      Insert-Screw Thread Screw-Locking
            MS33537             NASM333537      Assembly and Dimensions, Helical Coil
            NAS1130             unchanged      Tangless Inserts, Free-Running and
            QQ-P-416             unchanged      Cadmium Plating (Type II) - Optional
     * MS21208 was superceded by MS122076 & MS124651 series, and subsequently
        superceded by NASM122076 & NASM124651 series.
MA Standards Standards Coverage
            MA1565             Procurement Standard, Metric Helical Coil Insert
            MA1567             Assembly Dimensions, Metric Helical Coil Insert
            MA3279             Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Uncoated
            MA3280             Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Lubricated
            MA3281             Inserts, Metric, Free-Running, Helical Coil, Cadmium Plated
            MA3329             Inserts, Metric, Locking, Helical Coil, Uncoated
            MA3330             Inserts, Metric, Locking, Helical Coil, Lubricated
            MA3331             Inserts, Metric, Locking, Helical Coil, Cadmium Plated